Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 30, 2013--Still staying in Gladstone

So it sounds like Christmas was a blast! So glad i got to skype the family! :) That was wonderful!!! Families are the best :) 
Sister Kyaw, & and Schaelling at the Ward Party
Sooooooo transfers happened and i am staying in Gladstone and my new companion is Sister Merrill! She is from Utah, Ogden area and she is 21 :) Shes super pretty and a wonderful teacher. I am so excited for this transfer! Also, they closed Gladstone 2, so now we are full time car and we cover both areas! And sister Lealii E'e and Russel got sent up to Mackay! Which is further north and are white washing, the elders went to Cairns. (pronounced "cans") Crazy!! So its just me and Sister Merrill alone in the flat, there is too much space for us haha. It will be fun! And full time car thank goodness because it is smokin hot! But hey i like it.
December 24, All Gladstone missionaries doing service to a part-member family.  Scrubbing the walls, and painting the whole inside of the house, including the ceilings!

So there isnt much to update yall on but Christmas was wonderful! We went to three huge feeds, breakfast in the morning, the lunch at RC Mark and Tabitha who made this massive Christmas lunch with Laureen and Paul Leao. That was so yummy. Then we went to our Jamaican investigators and they gave us Christmas dinner complete with reggae Christmas music ;) it was fun. Then i skyped family on boxing day as we are a day ahead :)

Sister Merrill flew in yesterday and Sister Kyaw left for Brisbane!! She has been here for 6 months so our investigators are going to be sad! She was lovely. It will be interesting taking on all the other sisters investigators!! And fun. 
Sister Schaelling at her Christmas Dinner place

Life is good in Gladstone. I reckon this is my last six weeks here but i cant really guess because who knows? I could go serve in Cairns for all i know! I love you all family very much!!!! 

Sister Schaelling

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