Sunday, December 8, 2013

Yay for District Conference!

Hello dearest family! This week was wonderful and draining!! Sounds like Kaysville still a wonderful place to be. Mom glad you got to help with festival of trees and also Dad and Jenna! Thats awesome! oh, I GOT THE CHRISTMAS PACKAGES MOM! dont fret any longer. :) Thank you for the music!!! We are jammin out to the tunes!

Allrighty so this week was pretty norms, tracting, talking to people, biking all over town, sweating more than ever, Sister Schaelling driving on the left side of the road, Sister Kyaw cooking yummy food, teaching lots!!! Its been good, hard long days and wonderful laughing moments. I got kinda sick this week with chest pains and on Friday i fell asleep and was out for hours! Oops. I think my body needed it haha. This week we found another Jamaican, can i just say i LOVE Jamaican people? I want to go there! I love their accent, and their houses are full of Jamaican stuff with Bob Marley up on the chill. We are starting to share Christmas messages with our investigators which is really fun. :)

Sooo the end of the week we had....District Conference! Yay. We drove to Rockhampton, about and hour and a half away and went to the evening session, and met my district leader for the first time haha. He's great. So is his companion. Also, President and Sister Henderson were there! Oh that was wonderful. Havent seen them in 3 transfers. We had interviews which i just love. I love them both!! The most awesome part of District Conference was 4 men from the Gladstone branch were sustained and ordained to the office of and elder. Ah it was wonderful. Mark Brown, Peter Sepe from PNG, Paul Leao and Glen Porteous, three of them recent converts and one recently reactivated. I remember teaching Mark about baptism and when we invited him and Tabitha to be baptized, when they came to church for the first time..then after Mark was ordained he assisted in Peters ordination, i looked up at Mark standing in the circle and felt such power. God loves his sons and his daughters, and the blessings of holding the priesthood are there for all who desire and are worthy. It was wonderful! I love the priesthood.

I also like being a sister! We had and area 70 there, Elder Owierdan, not sure how to spell it, and on Saturday he spoke of how sisters in the church are kind of like God's secret army. Quietly going about bringing souls unto Him through example and their words, not knowing always what a difference they make. If i have learned anything on my mission it is that there is plenty of work for all of us to do, lessons to teach, lifes to change, people only we can touch, elders and sisters. As Sister Stephens beautifully said at conference "Sons of God need daughters of God. Daughters of God need sons of God." I could probably write a book on that but will refrain for now :)

An insight i gained this week in personal study: So right now there's a Book of Mormon initiative in the ABM where we read 6.2 pages a day and highlight anything that references to the Savior. So i was reading in Jacob and i looovvvee Jacob 2, Jacob is so bold in his speaking and smashes those who are violating the law of chastity by having lots of wives. Then in Jacob 3 he compares the Nephites as being more wicked, because of these sins, than the Lamanites. Of the lamanites he says: "Behold their husbands love their wives, and their wives love their husbands, and their husbands and their wives love their children, and their unbelief and their hatred towards you is because of the iniquity of their much better are you than they in the sight of your great Creator?" I love this! Some people dislike us or turn their back on God because of their life growing up, but they are still good people, despite their many sins because of the "iniquity of their fathers." How much better are they than us, who have the truth, when we judge them as being sinners and worse than us? We cant judge anyone, and while God looks on sin with no allowance he also looks with his perfect love upon our hearts. How grateful i am that it is not up to me to judge others, only to declare the truth with love and boldness and invite them to come to Christ. I hope that makes sense.

Oh we got bashed this week by and 18 year old boy. Sister Kyaw and I are not very good at fighting back with people. Seriously i just look at not here to fight you bro! I think it surprises people who want to argue about the bible and their religion is right and better than ours when we just look and them. Then we bear our testimonies and leave :) Haha.

I loveyou all soooooooo much. You can make a pathway bright! Fill your soul with heavens light! If theres sunshine in your heart. :)

Much love
Sister Schaelling

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