Monday, December 2, 2013

It's HOT!

Hello family! Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Happy thanksgiving with the cousins! I had thanksgiving too by the way!! A lady in our ward that lived in america put it on for all the americans in the branch and some aussies, it was delicious!

This week was splendid and challenging. We started by teaching Ken his new member lessons and we went to see Lee our older lady investigator on Tuesday. We taught her the Restoration and it was great, i love that lesson. We also saw Celeste on tuesday instead of wendesday this week. She is doing good, just struggling like we all do. Such is life

We tracted and our mission started counting contacts as anyone we meet that we invite them to do something. So thats fun, Gladstone is a working town with lots of shift workers and people sleeping and people not home so tracting is a little slow. Lots of not-homes. Or we wake them up, but hey! We are waking them up for a good reason id say :)

Wednesday we saw lots of people and also contacted a referral from the other sisters named Manuel. He is from Mexico! Wow Mexicans are really nice. That was refreshing! We could only sit outside his apartment but he spoke to us about his story and how he is searching for more. I was impressed he told us his life right here. He is prepared. Thursday we went and saw a less active named Shantel whom we biked all over to find her house, and we met her! She let us in for a minute and we shared a little message. She is really nice, with a little baby boy. (And a husband. ) Cute!

Thursday was when we had Thanksgiving at Sister Katia's house. She is Brazilian and her husband is from Glasgow Scotland and their kids have an american accent. She made us Thanksgiving dinner, it was so yummy! Sister Russel, (the new sister from S. Africa) said she wanted to adopt Thanksgiving into her culture back home. I dont blame her!

Friday we went to see Helena our miracle less active and she is moving back to Brizzy as they call it (Brisbane) next week. She has had such a hard life but smiles when she tells us about all her trials. Shes so pretty, blond hair and big smile. She is trying to get back to church again but feels she has been out for so long, and wonders how could God even remember her?..i learned more about the love of God from seeing her. God's love doesnt depend on how we keep the commandments, He doesnt love some more and others less. He doesnt shame us or ignore us, He is always there. As soon as we turn back to Him he welcomes us with open arms...a kind of love that is hard to find amongst us humans, is the love of God. He always remembers us, He has "graven us upon the palms of His hands"

Saturday was great, we went to contact a referral but they werent home, we biked around to all of our appointments and they all fell through. And i think it was 35 degrees C with plenty of humitidy. Character building! I dont think ive ever sweat that much in my life! We had a Relief Society activity that night for Christmas, it was lovely. Bree, our investigator came and there was lots of yummy food. Our RS president from NZ sang with her sister a beatiful song and also silent night in Maori. I was so pretty. The sisters and i also sang Silent Night with Sister Lealii E'e on guitar. 

Sunday we went to church, and Sister Kyaw and i had the car that day! We now have the car two days a week. Hurrah! Driving on the left. So i drove us out to a referral we contacted but they werent interested. We just rracted and then had lunch with Phillip and Laureen (RC's) and the Fentons. We had a message with them. Phillip blessed the sacrament last week! That was so cool. He bore his testimony on Sunday and oh it was adorable. He said he was shaking in his boots. :) He has changed so much, he used to show up to church in jeans, then jeans and a white shirt, then slacks, then he asked Elder Fenton to show him how to tie a tie. :) Hes the man.

The week was lovey and Gladstone is a challenging and wonderful fruitful area! Also, our RS president's hubby who is wayyyy not a member came to church AND drove one of our less active with him! allright then.  thank you for participating in missionary work :)

I love you all and i love the Lord and His work. How wonderful it is to be a missionary, to be pushed and stretched to learn about the will of God. Share the light you have inside with someone else to day!! A good deed brightens a dark world :)

Much love
Sister Schaelling

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