Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Family!

Hello there dearest family and friends!
Since we did not get any pictures this week, I thought I would recognize Scott with C and K's help
Tell scott i said happy birthday!!!

His adoring sisters.
Sooo this week was wonderful and so hard! But good! The first week of my fifth transfer here on the mission! Sister Kyaw and i started the week of by seeing our dear less active Brother Ebert and reading the Book of Mormon together like we always do. Tuesday was sad because our beloved family we have been faithfully teaching, Joann and Nino dropped us. I was holding back tears at their house. They are super busy and tired right now and decided the Catholic church is fine for them...oh how our hearts were broken as we tracted the rest of the day. Sister Kyaw and i we have been through a lot together!
Wednesday was good, we saw our friends Leyani and Nicki and also this old lady Thelma who the elders used to visit back in the day.  She is so nice. We also saw Celeste, and her friend Ray was over who is a long lost inactive lady on the unable to locate list. Miracle! She was wasted but at least we found her! We saw Dilys for the last time before she headed off to PNG to marry her partner and spend christmas there with Yana. We will miss her so much!

Thursday we taught our friend Darral who wants to get baptized but doesnt want to keep any of the commitments to do so. Its sad, he just cant give up smoking. He said he would walk a thousand miles for a cigarette. Well we cant really help him at all until he has a desire to change. We have to work for our salvation my friends! Or at least have a desire to try to work. I cant preach because sometimes life is hard and i am lazy, but deep in my heart i long to be with the Lord again someday...i would do anything.

Okay we also teach two young boys on Thursdays with their mother because she wants them to learn about God. We have taught them how to pray, the Plan of Salvation and primary songs. We are trying to get their mother to bring them to church. We also saw our investigator James from PNG and shared the Plan of Salvation, he is hard for me to read and its for some reason a struggle to have a really spiritual lesson with him. Friday we met with two miracle less-actives-- Helena, who messaged on FB apparently that she was looking for a chapel in GLadstone and has two kids here but left the church when she was 15- she is from NZ and very kind with a brilliant smile. We gave her a Book of Mormon and shared a message. She came to church with her kids! And we also met with this lady named Monica who is a convert 8 years ago with 6 kids! We tracted into her after playing with her adorable dog and she let us do our whole approach until she let us know she was a member. :) Her two oldest are baptized but not her other children. We brought the Fentons with us, it was wonderful. She also came to church this Sunday with her kids :) Some of them. 

We did FHE with mark and Tabitha and another family in the ward. On Saturday we met with our 8 year old RC Mia and wrote her conversion story. We also taught these random children on the road that love us :) We teach them primary songs and started the plan of Salvation. We went to see a less active Helen who is Samoan from Mangerie NZ where sister Cocker is from :) She has heaps of kids too i think. We meet with this old lady named Jackie when we are near her street and she is too sweet :) We are going to sing to her on Christmas Eve.

Sunday Phillip blessed the sacrament!! I felt like a proud mother. He was beaming. We had some lessons with recent converts and tracted and tried to find a less active and failed. Then we chatted to our District leader and it was storming so hard! Lighting was cracking and i reveled in the beauty of thunder storms :) 

funny story! This morning our investigator Craig called to ask us if we were okay after the storm last night and left a message. So we have a lady in our ward named sister Craig. So my adorable second language english comp calls him back and is like Oh hey Sister Craig how are you? it was so funny and adorable. I grabbed the phone. 

Also a swallowed a bug this week on accident. And we lost power last night but now it is back. Love you all!!!

Sister Schaelling

S and C right before the MTC drop off in Provo, May 2013

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